How to create mobile APP

We bet that practically all of you know about such amazing sources as Google or Apple Store.

These sources are so amazing that it is possible to find everything you need just by downloading an appropriate APP with the content you are looking for.

Sounds really adorable. What is more, it is fast and easy! (Even mostly for free!)

But, how to create mobile APP?

What to do, if you want also your project to be shown in the store? We are sure, your idea is wonderful and you should attract people to access the work you have.

We will help you on that!




First of all, like in all other types of work, you should make up your mind. It it is not that easy, because you should clearly know the aims that you want to achieve, and the target auditory you want to attract after creating mobile APP. Remember, that there are different sectors of APP development that coincide with particular spheres of activities.

Just take a piece of paper and dedicate your time to thinking over your future APP.

This is the basis of your work, so half of the success depends on this!




Presumably you think, that your idea is interesting and unique.

But, let’s be honest, there is a very small chance that you are really the only one who has this kind of project. Mostly, there already are APPs that offer this or that type of service which might be quietely similar to yours. Don’t you agree?

Just check the competitors in the stores and you will see that the work is not going to be that easy! You need to offer something really special in order to gain much attention and create a good mobile APP.

Although, if you spend a bit of time thinking over the new ideas you can offer, you will surely succeed!





Wireframe is one of the most important things that make your APP function properly. It is a visual guide, that represents the skeletal framework of a site.

There are different stacks of wireframing websites that can help you in your work. All of them are quite useful and relatively easy in usage, although, it is always more functional to work with specialists. SUNET team is always ready to help you with all the difficulties you are facing during construction of your APP.





You don’t actually need to be an IT specialist to do that. Nowadays there are many websites that are eager to help you with that challenging work! Do not doubt to use all the opportunities that they offer. Quite often the content of these websites is convenient and everyone can deal with it. Although, if you want to create a real masterpiece and something really unique, you will anyway need a help of professionals like SUNET team.





Another ‘check out ’ will never be useless. Even if you are sure of everthing that you have done, it is always necessary to test your APP again and again in order to make its function perfect.

Moreover, that would be a good idea to consult some specialists that can critically say something about your work. Obviously, it is awesome that someone flatters you, but you want your APP to be amazing in all aspects, right?

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