SEO, or search engine optimization is now necessary and fundamental if you want to find a site in Google and other engines. The methods used to keep a site in the main pages of Google depends a lot from the experience and knowledge of those who build the site in SEO perspective and who does web marketing.

Writing for the web is to know the rules of the internet language. Not just enter content on the site to be “classified” by the search engines, you have to know how to write the information so that it is “rewarded” with indexing by Google and minor search engines.

The results after the SEO activities are not immediate, but are related to updating of the Google archives, through its spider that periodically visits the site.

Then the average is 10 to 20 days and after a few months you will see considerable increases of visits and new placements in search results with the keywords in their industry.

Therefore,a website on the first page of Google, with the natural positioning, generates much more traffic than paid placements obtained through Google Adwords campaigns, which have a cost per click. Since Google is the most used by Internet users search engine in Italy and in Europe, the site will use the SEO service to optimize content and it will become more popular.