We are providing our clients with special training web marketing courses of various types, in particular for companies and professionals. The courses can be customized with respect to the required level: from beginner to medium, up to advanced.

At the end of our web marketing courses participants receive a PDF document with an outline of the topics covered.

Thanks to our more than 15 years of experience in the Internet industry and web marketing, we can not only improve your skills and knowledge of apps, socials, digital strategy, wordpress, facebook, but mostly confide those tricks and those key tools to implement your business.

Our web marketing courses are held in our studio, in special rooms, or at the customer site.

The courses are made up of individual or small business groups in order to establish a personal interest as well as professional. The reduced number of participants allows to debate within the group by creating the network of contacts and relationships that help to improve paying attention to others and receive arguments and proposed contents.


Curretly available web marketing courses

  • Secrets of Google Adwords

    4-hour course on the proper use of Google Adwords to create an effective online marketing campaign and at the lowest possible cost. Techniques and tips, case studies and success stories.

  • Facebook for business

    The course of four hours on why and how to use a world known social network Facebook in the best way. The course teaches how to implement: page setup, content management, create involvement, increase like, available to establish marketing campaigns, etc.

  • Social Network Base

    The course of four hours on social networks with statistical data of current trends. Key capabilities and Facebook profile, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. Tips and tricks to better manage their own profiles / social pages.

  • How to sell online

    3-hour course on why and how to sell online products or services. If you plan to create / optimize an e-commerce site or to create an e-commerce site that sells abroad, take part in our first course, we will help you to create a business plan in line with your sales targets.

  • How to sell online

    3-hour course on why and how to sell online products or services. If you’re going to create an e-commerce site or to create an ecommerce site that sells abroad, took part in our first course and you’ll definitely have a better idea.

  • Google Analytics - the most important analysis

     3-hour course on the Google Analytics service for site monitoring. How to intepret the data and read the statistics that are useful to improve the site and the marketing and web marketing.

  • Facebook for parents

    The course of four hours on social networks, created to overcome the generation gap between children and parents. The course helps, with concrete examples, to make people understand the risks and dangers of the social and the web, but to recognize the usefulness of learning to communicate 2.2 to better manage critical issues.

  • Easy WordPress

    The course of 4 hours on the open source CMS WordPress software. How  to use it in the best way for managing content (text, images, video, social, etc …) on its own website. The plug-in best, hints and tips. live examples.
  • iPad course

    2-hour course on how to learn to use all of Apple’s iPad, the features available and Ideal applications for your needs.