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Come come ottenere visitatori sul sitoHow to get more visitors of the site
If your site does not have many visitors perhaps the main problem is that the sire is not optimized for search engines and has little popularity.
What you can do then? Surely enable web marketing service of SUNET that creates an excellent visibility and attract really interested visitors to your site.

Come posso sapere se il mio sito è presente nei motori di ricercaHow do I kow that my site is present in the search engines?
Try entering the address of Google in complete site, for example “www.tuosito.com and then click on the search button with Google.
If there are no results then your site is not stored in the search engine and is unlikely to be reached by users.
If your site appears in the description, then it means that it is present in the database, but in this case does not mean that it is reachable, since the majority of users search based on keywords, so you should check whether your site is present in the first search results for the keyword within your industry that interests you most.

Cos'è il SEM, Search Engine Marketing ?What is SEM, Search Engine Marketing?
The Search Engine Marketing is the marketing activities in order to obtain precise objectives through search engines, thus also includes the promotion through pay per click campaigns and other promotion and online marketing systems.

Cos'è il SEO, Search Engine Optimization ?What is SEO, Search Engine Optimization?
The Search Engine Optimization is the optimization activities of the pages Internet is to promote the rankings or ranking in the top results of search engines, which improve ROI, user / customer conversion rate and thus more orders, requests for quotes or contacts.

Quali sono i motori di ricerca più importanti e utilizzati ?What are the most important search engines used?
There are over a thousand of specialized search engines, though today there are about a dozen engines that manage to get more than 90{3ea39482e6729b238ad1c218c08506fd2105db347fc00f9ca56b448921e346c2} of Internet traffic. Therefore our web marketing activity focuses on the most used engines in order of importance are: Google, Yahoo, MSN-Live and especially Italy Virgilio, Tiscali, Free.

faq web marketing e motori di ricercaIf a site is registered in the search engines, does it mean that it is already at the top rank? No, recording or indexing site is only the first step to begin web marketing activity.
So even if your site is present in the search engines, it does not mean that it is visible and accessible for users interested in that product or service.
In fact it may be that the site is actually in search engine archives, but if it appears in the results after the third page, has proven statistically that will still have almost no visits.
Therefore necessary to do business SEO and SEM to achieve top positions in search results based on the keywords you choose.


Quali sono le parole chiave da scegliere per migliorare la visibilità nei motori di ricerca del mio sito ? What are the keywords to choose to increase my visibility in the search engines?
The key words to choose from are those related to the field of interest and to the site to promote. Often clients want to position themselves with that particular word, but then it shows that there is little research on the part of users and then the work is done in vain.
In our web marketing service, including the initial analysis of keywords and use of professional tools and software we can then have a list of the most searched keywords by users for that sector, and discuss with the client how to operate and what words to activate.

Posso controllare l'andamento del servizio di web marketing che ho scelto ?Can I control the web marketing trend service that I have chosen?
Yes. Our web marketing service includes series of periodic reports that will be transmitted by email to the customer.
These reports indicated, positioning achieved in the various search engines, the visits to the site obtained through the service statistics.
These statistics help you to monitor access to the site and to know both the amount of visitors that the origin (state, county and town) and also have other important data for site assessment and service namely: origin of visitors, most viewed pages, most viewed sectors or directory, etc. All easily readable and understandable with the help also of graphs that highlights

Quant'è la durata del servizio web marketing ?How long does it take to make a web service marketing?
Our professional web marketing service is regulated by subscribing through a special contract that is valid for one year. This period is the minimum necessary to achieve concrete results, although it is recommended to continue with the activities for the following years.
For better results, we recommend a minimum of at least 2 years

Perchè dovrei rinnovare il servizio web marketing ?Why is it necessary to renew the web marketing service?
To obtain better results and ensure the success of your site, you must maintain any web marketing.
Unless renewed, the work should be done before slowly decreasing as competition with other sites is increasing and the placement criteria established by the various search engines and their algorithms are always changing.
Web marketing must therefore be always kept constant to guarantee the reached placements, and increase them constantly.

Quanto tempo ci vuole per vedere i primi risultati ?How long does it take to see the results?
For organic ranking in the major search engines, you need to wait for about a few months for new sites, while online sites are already getting major improvements  after only seven days after our first activities of SEO!

Il vostro servizio web marketing è diviso per tipologie o personalizzabile ?Is your web marketing service divided by type or customizable? The web marketing service of SUNET, is usually based on standard types based on the number of keywords that are needed for work, and a part of customization in relation to the company, the industry sector, and the objectives to be achieved.
But normally the web marketing service is fully customizable to the needs and budget available from the company.

So what are you waiting for?
Fill out the quote request form to the service of web marketing or use our professional internet services!


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